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Capital Credits

Capital Credits – Frequently Asked Questions


Will the total capital credit amount be refunded after I terminate electric service?  Early retirement of capital credits is not allowed when electric service is terminated.  When capital credits are retired (paid back), inactive accounts are included in the retirement calculation until their balances are fully retired.  Refunds will be issued subject to the $10 minimum check limitation.  Of course, capital credit refunds cannot be delivered correctly if the co-op is not kept abreast of address changes, so PLEASE keep us informed of your current address!


My relatives are deceased.  How can we handle an estate?
The heirs of an estate can choose to close out the capital credit account of a deceased member by opting for an estate retirement.  With this option, the capital credit balance is retired at a discount and a refund check is issued to the heirs.  If you are interested in finding out more about estate retirements, please contact the Capital Credit Department at 830-997-2126, or toll free at 1-800-900-CTEC (2832).


What happens when capital credit checks are not cashed?
The co-op keeps a record of all capital credit checks that are not cashed.  Claims on these accounts can be made indefinitely, but after three years, unclaimed amounts must be transferred to the Texas Unclaimed Property fund.  Some of these unclaimed funds are returned to the co-op to be used for scholarships and economic development.  Using these proceeds, the Central Texas Electric Scholarship Fund has been able to support higher education for co-op members and their families who live within the co-op’s service area.  These funds have also given rise to the co-op’s Economic Development Fund, which helps promote economic development within the co-op’s service area.


Can I donate my Capital Credits to Operation Round Up or the CTEC Scholarship program?
Yes you can!  Both of these two programs are designed to “give back” to the communities we all live in.  Operation Round Up is a program designed to provide grants to charitable causes and non-profit civic organizations within the co-op’s service territory.  It is administered by a voluntary Board of Directors, and all funds are kept separate from Co-op funds.  The CTEC scholarship program uses unclaimed capital credit funds to award student scholarships to co-op members or family members (whose primary residence is served by CTEC) for full-time study at an accredited secondary education school. Just call the nearest CTEC office to discuss your intentions of donating your capital credits to one of these CTEC programs.


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