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Line Extension

For permanent installations, the Cooperative will extend its electric distribution facilities to the point of delivery. The member applying for service (“applicant”) shall be required to pay line extension construction costs in advance, subject to a credit reducing such cost as provided herein. Extensions will be staked from the Cooperative’s existing facilities over the shortest available route for which easements can be obtained. In all cases, the distance as measured by Cooperative engineering technicians will determine the length of the line to be constructed. Construction cost shall be based on the Cooperative’s latest available standard unit cost schedule, plus the actual cost of any necessary easement.


The Cooperative will provide the applicant a credit for the cost of such line extension equal to the lesser of the following amounts:


  1. the Cooperative’s estimated cost to extend overhead service to the applicant’s point of service; or


  1. $2,000.00


If an applicant seeks to extend service to two or more service points situated on the same premises, line extension credits for two of the service points may be aggregated. Line extension costs for all other service points on the premises in question shall be paid in full by the applicant.


To qualify for a line extension credit, the applicant must have a well-advanced and definite plan for or must have commenced the construction of a residence or other permanent facilities and made arrangements for an adequate supply of water.


For information about line extensions to temporary and non-permanent installations, extensions within subdivisions, and extensions for security lighting, please contact the CTEC Engineering Department.




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