We are excited that you are about to become a member of CTEC!

You have come to the right place to learn more about establishing a brand new service.  New construction is when you need service at a location that has never had electricity before or adding another meter to an existing location.  This can also include increasing electrical capacity or relocating existing electric equipment.

New Construction Paperwork

The process involves several steps, so be sure to contact CTEC’s Member Service Department as soon as possible to begin the process.  Here is what to expect:

  1.  Your first step will be to contact our Member Services Department.  You can do so by calling 1-800-900-2832 or by emailing helpdesk@ctec.coop.
  2. Here is the information they will need.
    • Basic contact information (name, mailing address, phone number, email, etc.)
    • 911 address of the property to be served.
    • Type of service (residential, well, commercial, irrigation)
  3. Our Member Services Department will send you the required paperwork or you can print the necessary forms above. 
  4. A Staking Technician will contact you to schedule an appointment to meet at the property and discuss line and meter locations. 
  5. The Staking Technician will draw up a cost sheet based on what was discussed and send a letter with the fees required.
  6. All paperwork must be completed, and all fees must be paid before any construction can begin.
  7. If vegetation removal is required, a job order will be issued to our Right of Way Department.  At this time, final staking is done, and Dig Tess will mark any underground utilities.
  8. The job will then be released to our Construction Department, either underground or overhead depending on the type of service.  All jobs are placed on the schedule in the order they are received.


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New Service FAQs

The time frame varies based on weather and workload.

The contribution-in-aid-of-construction, or CAC, is a fee paid by the member to help cover the costs of extending electric lines to a new location. The CAC is nonrefundable and must be paid before construction is scheduled.

The meter base can be purchased through Central Texas Electric Cooperative and is not supplied with construction.  The member can purchase a meter base from another party. 

 No, Central Texas Electric Cooperative jobs are staked and scheduled for construction in the order they are received.

Members can request specifications for setting up temporary service (underground and overhead).

Yes, Central Texas Electric Co-op requires paperwork for each connected meter.

An easement is a written document signed by the landowner, which grants CTEC permission to access and use a portion of the landowner’s property to construct, maintain, operate, repair, replace, relocate and remove any of the necessary equipment for supplying electricity to its members. The easement must be signed by the landowner or the landowner’s authorized representative before a notary public.

Members must give CTEC the rights, privileges, and easements necessary to construct, operate, repair, replace and perpetually maintain electric equipment and facilities located on the member’s owned or leased property, and in or on all streets, roads, or highways abutting their property. All service lines providing members with electricity and all switches, meters, and other equipment constructed or installed by CTEC on the property belong solely to CTEC, and CTEC can access the property to repair, service, or remove those items as necessary. 

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