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Operation Round-Up

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Your spare change may not buy much, unless you share it with other CTEC members through the Central Texas Electric Co-op Operation Round-Up Program.

Here's what it is. By allowing us to "round up" your electric bill to the next whole dollar amount each month, CTEC's  members can make a big difference with small change in the area served by CTEC.

Your pennies, nickels and dimes can help raise thousands of dollars every year. And those dollars will be used to help your neighbors right here in your own communities. Health and rescue organizations, food banks, educational projects, child care programs and individuals with special needs are just a few of the possibilities for your Operation Round-Up donations.

Here's how it works. If your electric bill is $41.20 or $41.95, it will be rounded up to $42, and the additional amount would go into a Community Caring Fund. Co-ops around the nation who are providing this program show the average roundup for each participant is just 50 cents a month... or $6 a year! Each month, your bill will show an amount listed for Operation Round-Up, and your bill will include the extra few cents to bring it to an even dollar amount.

The Community Caring Fund is administered by a voluntary board of directors made up of six local community-minded citizens operating under a specific set of bylaws. Applications from individuals and organizations will be accepted by the Operation Round-Up board, which will review and approve applications for assistance based on demonstrated need and funds available. (Political issues or campaigns will not be eligible for grants from this fund.) Every penny is used in the CTEC service territory; the small administrative costs to run the program will be paid by CTEC as our contribution to the program. All funds are kept separate from CTEC finances and all funds collected are tax deductible. And CTEC will keep its members posted on how the benefits are shared through reports in Texas Co-op Power magazine.

All participation is voluntary. However, the more CTEC members that participate, the more significant the contribution the program can make in our area. You can also simply make a tax-deductible donation of any amount or have a fixed amount added to you bill each month. Simply call any of the CTEC offices or e-mail us at


Grant amounts to date: $144,307.85



Download the Operation Round-Up Grant Application for Individual or Family (PDF)

Download the Operation Round-Up Grant Application for Organization (PDF)


2019 Operation Round-Up Board of Directors


Curtis Schulze, Chairperson - Mason County

Steven W. Oehler, Vice Chairperson - Kerr County

Pat Frain, Secretary - Treasurer - Llano County

Bernard Selensky - Kendall County

Bill R. White - Gillespie County


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